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Digital version of the Self-Administered Gerocognitive Examination eSAGE (BrainTest) made for tablets shows no scale bias compared to the validated SAGE.

  • eSAGE has the advantage of self- administration, brevity, four interchangeable forms and potential widespread availability to be a major factor in overcoming the many obstacles in identifying early cognitive
    changes in individuals.

Researchers at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, evaluated study participants using SAGE and then evaluated the same subjects with other established assessment tools:

  • The test has a sensitivity of 79% and a false positive rate of 5% percent in detecting cognitive impairment from normal subjects

Another study investigated the functionality of SAGE for cognitive screening in community settings and examined its characteristics as a cognitive screening assessment tool.

  • From 45 community events, 1,047 individuals over age 50 were screened. Cognitive impairment was identified in 28%.
  • Principal-component and correlation analysis indicate that SAGE is an internally-consistent test that is very well balanced, with language, cognition, visuospatial, executive, and memory domains

A study determined that repetitively giving SAGE over time provides significant diagnostic assistance
for clinicians.

  • SAGE scores over time in individuals remained stable in subjective and mild cognitive impairment that did not convert to dementia. Those with declining SAGE scores were at high risk for dementia diagnosis.

An Abstract presented in 2015 at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference demonstrated that the paper-based test (SAGE) or electronic format (BrainTest) can be used without statistical difference.

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