Author: Krista Hillis

Krista Hillis

Krista has a B.A.Sc degree, specializing in psychology and neuroscience. She is actively involved in the mental health and caregiving community, aiming to help others. Krista is also passionate about nutrition and the ways in which lifestyle choices affect and influence the human brain.

The Link Between Diabetes and Alzheimer’s Continues to Motivate Researchers

The link between Alzheimer’s and diabetes is well-understood. However, the amyloid hypothesis has dominated Alzheimer’s research in recent years. Based on a series of failed drug trials, many researchers are now exploring other avenues — including the association between Alzheimer’s and diabetes. New Avenues of Research May Combat Alzheimer’s Many experts

Sex Differences Between Men and Women Are Believed to Impact Alzheimer’s Risk

When it comes to disease, including Alzheimer’s, sex matters. However, according to a recent paper published in Alzheimer’s & Dementia, a clear research gap exists. This area of research could better prevent, diagnose, and treat both men and women. At this time, Alzheimer’s is the fifth leading cause of death among