Frequently Asked Questions

BrainTest is currently only available in English (US) and Spanish (LATAM). We are working hard on adding additional languages in the near future.

Yes, to receive accurate scoring for your BrainTest, please answer in the same language as the questions in the test. BrainTest has a very specific scoring system that is scientifically validated based on the language used. BrainTest is in English (US) and Spanish (LATAM) only at this time and your final score will be affected if you answer in other languages. Our team is working on making BrainTest available in other languages in the near future. 

No, you will have access to your test results even after you cancelled your account.

This is needed to reserve your paid subscription and also allow us to monitor who has had a trial or not. Each member is allowed for one free trial.

During the 30days free trial, we can ensure you that you are not charged and you can cancel your subscription anytime. After the 30days free trial, charges will automatically be applied.

BrainTest is a unique test meant to help detect cognitive impairments. In order to not affect future test results, the marking schema is not included.

BrainTest is only available on Tablet. Due to the design and clinical validation of mimicking the paper test, it is designed to only be available on tablet.

You will receive your results from our Core Lab within 3 days.

If you encountered an error while submitting your BrainTest, check your Internet connection to ensure you are online. There is no need to re-take your test if you encounter this issue as your results have been saved and you will be able to re-submit once you have reconnected to the Internet.

If your BrainTest score is under 16, it may signal that you might have mild thinking and/or memory issues. BrainTest is not a diagnostic test and there may be various explanations for this result. It is strongly recommended that you share your results with your physician to identify potential causes.

BrainTest is available on iPads, Android tablets, and Amazon Fire tablets.

You are required to have a touchscreen computer or tablet to be able to take BrainTest.

To gain access to your test results without an internet connection, you must have previously logged into the BrainTest Dashboard. Having done this, will allow you to access your Test Results when you are offline.

To cancel or unsubscribe your BrainTest account, please contact our support team at:

If you forgot your password, do the following:

  1. Go to ‘Login’ page
  2. Tap on ‘Forgot Password
  3. Enter the Email address that you signed up with
  4. Tap on ‘Submit

You will receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

If you have forgotten your email address, do the following:

  1. Try to remember the last email that you logged in with or signed up with
  2. Contact our support line:
    1. USA & Canada: 1-866-933-6698
    2. International: +1-614-412-2209


In order to purchase a Plan, you will need a valid credit card or a Payal Account.

To check or update your credit card with Paypal, please refer to Paypal’s FAQ for further assistance:

If you continue to have issues with PayPal, please contact Paypal’s Support:


Yes, BrainTest allows you to save a copy of your test results to your device or print a hard copy. See below for instructions on how to save or print your results.

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your BrainTest account
  3. On Dashboard, tap on ‘Check Result‘ button
  4. On Test Result page, tap on ‘Download‘ button

Your Test Result is in PDF format. When you have the PDF opened, you may find the print function under ‘File’ on the tool bar.

No, BrainTest uses third-party transaction services (such as the Google Play Store, iTunes, and Braintree) to manage payments for our services.

No, BrainTest does not collect your personal information.

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